Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior for Spring !!


When people talk about spring cleaning, they are usually thinking about the interior of their homes. After a long winter of closed windows, recirculated air and sloppy snow, they’re ready to scrub and freshen the inside.

People should also do a thorough spring cleaning outside, says Roy Raymond, owner of All Property Services in Rockford.  “Areas that need attention outside include vinyl siding, decks, and seals on exterior doors,” he says. “Spring is also a good time to do any exterior painting.”

People often neglect their vinyl siding because of its low maintenance qualities, but it still requires upkeep. ” Vinyl siding should be washed every two to three years”, Raymond days. ” We pressure wash houses, and people are often surprised at the results. Some trouble spots may need yearly cleaning. Many homeowners get mildew on areas that are in the shade for example.”

A coat of paint can really spruce up the look of a house, not to mention protect materials from heat  and moisture. ” This can range from doing the entire house, or just focusing on window casings and trim,” Raymond says. “March and April are good months to do exterior painting. It’s harder in hot months because the paint sets up too quickly.”

Decks, too need some spring maintenance, including a pressure wash and often, new stain. “Cold weather increases peeling on decks, which is revealed once the snow melts, ” We start with a pressure wash and deck wash then we sand all flat surfaces. We then apply a coat of stain, let it dry and come back to finish with another light wash. It’s a two or three day process.”

Optimal weather for deck staining usually begins in May. “If it’s too cool, it won’t dry properly, and when its too hot, the stain bubbles,” explains Raymond.

Exterior doors are another spring chore. ” Winter reveals worn out seals, which we can replace.” Raymond says. “With some older doors, the seals can’t be replaced, so the only alternative is to get a new door.”

For help with these and other home repair and improvement projects, contact Raymond at (815) 979-9016 or visit apshomepros.com

Now get to work !!


(Article by Karla Nagy from Smart Living Weekly)


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